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Archbishop Cranmer CofE Primary Academy Striving for life in all its fullness. John 10: 10


Spring Term 2017


We have studied  Lewis Carol's poem The Jabberwocky and have written non chronological reports about our own fearsome creatures.


Autumn Term 2016

We were writing  to entertain after reading  Belloc’s Cautionary Tales and then writing our own cautionary rhyme

We investigated journalistic writing and read The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs before writing our own newspaper article about what really happened!

 We studied the narrative poem  The Highway Man by Alfred Noyes and wrote diary entries in character roles.

We also wrote several recounts about our many experiences and days out. 

Summer Term 2016

Playscripts - we studied Shakespeare's Macbeth and wrote our own witches brews before writing a persuasive speech for King Malcolm.

Spring Term 2016

Adventure and Fantasy Fiction: Wolves in the Walls by Neil Garmain

After reading this book we learned how to develop settings and maintain suspense before writing our own wolfish plots!


Writing to Persuade - Holiday Brochures

We used a range of persuasive devices in our brochures to persuade people to visit North America. Some of us even created a television holiday programme!


Stories from other cultures

We read a range of Traditional Native American stories before writing our own moralistic tales!


Writing to entertain: poetry free verse

We read a range of poems including The Tyger by William Blake and There came a wind like a bugle by Emily Dikinson and looked at the vocabulary choices the poet made  as well as other stylistic devices. After reading a Poem to be Spoken Silently by Pie Corbett, we wrote our own poems.



Autumn 2015 

Stories by well known authors 

Street Child by Berlie Doherty

We enjoyed reading this  fictional account of the experiences of Jim Jarvis, a young orphan who escapes the workhouse in 1860's London and survives brutal treatment and desperate circumstances until he is taken in by Dr. Barnardo, founder of a school for the city's "ragged" children. We researched Dr. Barnardo and wrote a diary from his point of view about the time when he met Jim for the first time. 

Narrative Fiction Historical Setting      Autumn 2015

We have read Fair's Fair by Leon Garfield which is a book set during the Victorian Period detailing the fascinating and mysterious journey of a young, homeless orphan boy called Jackson who encounters a huge, black dog with whom he shares his pie. Jackson finds something underneath the dog's collar and then goes on a journey with unexpected twists and turns and encounters.


This book helped us find out about the dark, grim and cruel side of Victorian England and we enjoyed using our skills of "showing not telling" to write about the feelings of Jackson as he meets various characters.  We also learned a lot about morals and discussed the qualities of bravery, kindness, honesty and generosity.


Myths and Legends  Summer 2015 We read a range of Ancient Greek myths and looked at their structure. We created our own mythical monsters and our own Greek heroes and heroines and found out about natural phenomena before drafting, editing and publishing the final copies of our own Ancient Greek inspired myths. Come and read them outside the library!

Persuasive Writing and Information Text (February 2015)

After lots of local area study in our Geography work, we created tourist information booklets about Aslockton which included superlatives, rhetorical questions, the power of 3, emotive language and lots more persuasive devices. Come and read them in our classroom! 


Performance Poetry (January 2015)

We read lots of poems by a range of authors . We had lots of favourites, including Walking with my  Iguana by  Brian Moses,, The Frozen Man by Kit Wright, The Eagle by Alfred Lord Tennyson and The Echoing Green by William Blake.After reading The Magic of the Brain by Jenny Joseph we wrote our own poems which include fabulous features like personification, metaphor and simile. Please listen to them. Scroll down on the following page.

We also learned some poems off by heart and performed them to different audiences which included children in Foundation and in year 1 and year 2, and also to parents. Everyone enjoyed the show! You can see some of our performances by scrolling down the page below. 

 In December 2015, we read the well-known text, Oliver Twist and also listened to a radio performance of the story, before writing our own character descriptions of Fagin and describing his den using vivid descriptions and figurative language.  Our fantastic writing is on display in our classroom - come and read!

Biography (November 2015 )

In November, we researched Charles Dickens and created biographical fact files on him using a range of features like sub-headings, bibliography, bullet points and illustrations.

Later in February, we wrote a biography for  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the French author of Le Petit Prince.


Recounts (October 2015)

We have written recounts about our visit to The Galleries of Justice and about our Police Visit and our CSI forensic experience. We have also written about the visits from River Side Church in R.E.

Narrative Poetry (September 2015)

We have read The Highway Man by Alfred Noyes and after lots of hard work, role play and thought tracking activities we wrote a diary extract " On that  fateful night........."  from the point of view from our chosen character: Bess the Landlord's daughter, Tim the Ostler, The Highway Man or one of King George's men. Our emotive writing contained lots of figurative language! We also created Photostories of the story - you can see them here.