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Our Governors

Governors have three main roles:

  1. To provide strategic direction for the school
  2. To act as a critical friend to the Head teacher
  3. To ensure accountability


Alongside the Head teacher, they also carry out a number of other important duties along side which include:

  • Determining how the school budget is spent
  • Forming policy on school curriculum and collective worship
  • Hearing appeals and grievances
  • Setting standards for pupil behaviour
  • Making sure the school buildings are welcoming and safe
  • Setting and monitoring the school aims and policies
  • Safer recruitment and retention


We are incredibly fortunate to have a fantastic and supportive team of governors who have a real energy, enthusiasm and desire to help provide our children with the best possible education.


Governor Category Appointing Body Term of office Responsibility Committees
Meredith Teasdale Chair Foundation 16.11.2014 - 15.11.2018   SDP F&GP/P 
Lindsay Mussert Vice-Chair Co-opted sponsor 17:3:2015 - 16:3:2019 Finance/Training SDP F&GP/P
Andrea McCaskie SDP Chair Local Authority 7.6.2014 - 6.6.2018 Gifted and Talented SDP F&GP/P
Dr Amy Taylor   Parent 20.12.2013 - 19.12.2017 Pupil Premium and looked after pupils SDP F&GP/P
Gina Creswell   Foundation 24.2.2012 - 23.2.2016 Early Years SDP 
James Howard   Foundation 1.2.2014 - 31.1.2018 Health and Safety SDP F&GP/P
Mel Stevens Deputy Head Staff 26.3.2015 - 25.3.2019   SDP
Melanie Parks   Foundation 1.6.2014 - 31.5.2018   SDP F&GP/P
Rev Bryony Wood Vicar ex-officio Foundation   RE and Worship FGB
David Jones   Foundation 28.3.2012 - 27.3.2016 Maths SDP 
Lizzy Harris   Foundation 1.2.2014 - 31.1.2018 SEN SDP 
Kate Watson Head Staff 1.9.2013 - 31.8.2017   SDP F&GP/P


SDP - Strategic Development and Pupils

F&GPP - Finance and General Purposes and Personnel

FGB - Full Governing Body

% Governor Attendance at Committee and LGB level
September 2016
Governor S&V F&GP LGB
Meredith Teasdale      
Lindsay Mussert      
Dr Amy Taylor   X  
Andrea Munn      
David Jones   X  
Gina Cresswell   X  
James Howard   X  
Lizzie Harris   X  
Rev Bryony Wood X X 100%
Melanie Stevens   X 100%
Kate Watson 100% 100% 100%
David Maddison      
Mel Park X    


Register of Business Interests

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