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Archbishop Cranmer CofE Primary Academy Striving for life in all its fullness. John 10: 10

Talk Presentations

Maisy's talk on Cheerleading

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Maisy didn't just present a talk, she took the whole class for a lesson! We were kept entertained with a presentation and talk, followed by a quiz, and then a cheerleading performance before we were given time to practice our own performances which were then judged by Maisy! What a great experience - we all had fun and learned lots of new things!

Coco Chanel by Rebecca

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Rebecca prepared a talk all about Coco Chanel, the famous fashion designer. She told us lots of biographical details and let everyone have a spray of Chanel perfume. She also made her own themed chatterboxes and brought in a Chanel themed cup cake for everyone. These were amazing and looked too good to eat. Thank you very much Rebecca, this talk was great!

Greece by Emily

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Emily took us on a tour of Greece which links with this term's research inquiry . She taught us some Greek language, let us taste Greek food and told us lots of facts about this amazing country! A great talk Emily!

Reptiles by Alex

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Alex took us on a world tour from the bottom of his garden, to Europe and then on safari in Africa and told us all about the many reptiles he has seen and is interested in. A fascinating talk, well done Alex!

A History of Sweets by Charlotte

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This talk presentation will make your mouth water! Charlotte told us about the history of sweets and how sweets were made and sold. We learned that they really became popular during Victorian times. Charlotte made everyone the most delicious toffee and marzipan - so tasty! Well done Charlotte!

Elizabethan Theatre by Lucy

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Lucy took us back in time and talked to us about the theatre during Elizabethan times. She had done lots of research and told us lots of facts. She encouraged lots of audience participation as well which we all enjoyed. Well done Lucy, this was really interesting!

The Wanted by Flo

Still image for this video
Flo's talk was to be on a band, and she chose to talk about The Wanted, who she has actually met! Flo's talk was really entertaining as she started off with an impressive dance routine and went on to share lots of factual information about the band. She had prepared a quiz which tested how well everyone had been listening and also organised some of us to get into character role as band members! Everyone had so much fun listening and watching: a super talk, well done Flo!

Phoebe's talk on Harry Houdini

Still image for this video
Phoebe got into character role as the great escapologist, Harry Houdini and thrilled us all with facts about this world famous magician. She had prepared a superb presentation which included some drama and lots of action and we all learned some new things. Mrs Watson came to watch too and really enjoyed the talk! Phoebe gave everyone in class their very own magic wand! Well done Phoebe, you talk was MAGIC!!

Amelie's talk on Sea Life

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Amelie talked to us about the life of the turtle and shared some fascinating facts about how they lay their eggs. She also asked us to think about environmental issues and how to protect turtles. Amelie prepared an excellent powerpoint as well as some interactive models which showed the anatomy of a turtle. She also gave everyone a Turtle Fact File and even some turtle treats to eat! Well done Amelie - an excellent presentation!

Mya's talk on Teddy Bears!

Still image for this video
Mya gave us a history lesson with her great talk about teddy bears. She had organised music and songs, shared her teddy bears, asked the audience questions and even baked us some delicious teddy bear biscuits! This was a well prepared super talk Mya, well done!

Alice's presentation on French Food

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Alice prepared a most delicious quiz on French cuisine! MMM, le pain et le beurre français était si délicieuse Alice et tout le monde a apprécié !

A quiz on Make-Up by Frances

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Frances organised a whole class question and answer treasure hunt, followed by a make-over! Great fun! Thanks Frances, we all enjoyed your presentation!

Sukhroop's talk on Shakespeare

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Sukhroop devised a quiz about the life of William Shakespeare and we discovered that our class is quite knowledgeable about him! Sukhroop also monitored how attentive his audience was and awarded points (and prizes) for being a good audience member!

Henry's talk on Mo Farah

Still image for this video
Henry prepared a quiz about the Olympian, Mo Farah, with sweet incentives for correct answers. He even got some of us doing the Mo-bot! Well done Henry!

Matthew's talk on Chinese New Year

Matthew gave us a very interesting presentation all about Chinese New Year. We learned lots of new things as well as sampling some delicious Chinese dumplings and Matthew even shared out fortune cookies for everyone - wonderful! Well done Matthew!

Katie's talk on F1

Still image for this video
Katie organised us all expertly into teams before hosting a quiz all about formula 1 racing! Things got quite competitive (especially as Katie organised edible prizes!) and we all had lots of fun! Well done Katie!

Amelia's talk on the life and times of Charlie Chaplin

Still image for this video
No one in our class knew much about the silent movie star, Charlie Chaplin before Amelia's well researched presentation. We all thought he looked quite funny and it seemed strange to imagine films without any talking in them! Thank you for our fantastic Charlie Chaplin key rings Amelia!

Saffron's presentation on famous cyclists

Still image for this video
Saffron is a keen road cyclist and inspired us all to get on our bikes with her interesting and very whizzy presentation on famous cyclists. She asked and answered lots of questions and awarded prizes for correct answers too! Well done Saffie!

Jessie's presentation was a quiz on Wild Cats

Still image for this video
Jessie researched lots of fascinating facts and then organised everyone into teams for her quiz which was all about big cats. She had planned a range of different questions for us all to puzzle over, including multiple choice, picture clues and even spellings! We all had great fun and there was a prize for the winning team! Well done Jessie!

The Inuit by Jack

Still image for this video
Jack organised a large audience of all the children in year 3, 4 and 5 as well as 4 staff members to come and watch his fascinating talk in the hall. He gave us a geography and science lesson and even made an intricate lego model to represent the arctic - he even built an igloo. Well done Jack!

Christmas Around the World by Samantha

Still image for this video
Samantha got us all into the spirit of Christmas when she introduced us to lots of seasonal traditions from different countries. She had lots of things for us to read about, look at (including her own art work) and even things to taste, including some delicious cake served in Germany at Christmas time. A great presentation Samantha!

My Hero: Malala Yousafzai by Alexander

Still image for this video
Alexander took the theme of My Hero to another level when he presented a superb talk on the youngest Nobel peace prize winner and school girl peace campaigner, Malala Yousafzai . Alexander's talk was very informative and also very moving. A great presentation, well done Alexander!

Guy Fawkes Loses the Plot! by Emma

Still image for this video
Emma looked the part for her talk which gave us history, intrigue, mystery and plots - and all with a real Guy in the room! We even got to sample some most delicious bonfire toffee! A fantastic talk Emma - well done!

Codes by Alistair

Still image for this video
Alistair had us all puzzling when he set us some codes to crack after his interesting and well researched talk on codes which gave us a history and maths lesson at the same time! Well done Alistair, we all enjoyed your talk!

Fashion in the "noughties" by Harry

Still image for this video
Harry's talk took entertained everyone as he showed us what fashion looked like before anyone in class 4/5 were born. And he even included some fashionable cars! Well done Harry!