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Archbishop Cranmer CofE Primary Academy Striving for life in all its fullness. John 10: 10

Y5 WW2 Themed Day

Picture 1 An original WW2 gas mask
Picture 2 Maths skills required to make a gas mask box!
Picture 3 Better keep my gas mask on!
Picture 4 My gas mask box is ready!
Picture 5 In our air raid shelter.
Picture 6 Gas masks essential in the event of air raids.
Picture 7 Sergeant Pringle!
Picture 8 I'm ready for any eventuality!
Picture 9 Casualties of war.
Picture 10 Safe in my Anderson Shelter!
Picture 11 Sergeant Pringle gives orders!
Picture 12 Creating gas mask boxes.
Picture 13 Gas Attack!
Picture 14 War time evacuees!
Picture 15 Children had to be prepared for gas attacks
Picture 16 Propaganda!
Picture 17 Our Evacuee letters
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21 It wasn't easy being a child during WW2
Picture 22 WW2 blackout!
Picture 23 Blackout!
Picture 24 Blackout activities
Picture 25 Candles only during Blackout!
Picture 26 Look out during the Black Out
Picture 27 Are your black out curtains up at every window?
Picture 28 Use it up, wear it out, make it do!
Picture 29 WW2 children knew how to darn their socks!
Picture 30 No television:WW2 children played games
Picture 31 Darn it!
Picture 32 Waste not , want not!
Picture 33 Make Do and Mend!
Picture 34 Keep calm and carry on!
Picture 35 Ragging - a typical activity during WW2
Picture 36 Evacuee line up!
Picture 37
Picture 38 Playing traditional games.
Picture 39 Children kept gas masks close by even when playing
Picture 40
Picture 41 Lots of children played marbles in the 1940
Picture 42
Picture 43
Picture 44 More traditional games from the 1940
Picture 45 This is fun!
Picture 46
Picture 47 This game has stood the test of time!
Picture 48 Still popular today - but the rhymes are different
Picture 49 Some 1940
Picture 50 Learning some 1940 dance moves
Picture 51
Picture 52 Learning the fox trot!
Picture 53 What a fabulous day!