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Archbishop Cranmer CofE Primary Academy Striving for life in all its fullness. John 10: 10

Year 3

Home Learning 


Please find below links to all the work provided for home learning. Please let me know if you have any difficulties accessing these. The children should be able to complete the majority of the tasks independently.


Please do contact me on the below form or on Class Dojo should you have any questions or need anything at all!

Best wishes, Miss Robinson


To access MyMaths:

1.     Visit:

2.     Select ‘Log in’

3.     Enter our school username (archbishop1) and school password (tangent146). This will take you to the ‘MyMaths Library’

4.     To access the work that I have set for your child, enter your child’s personal log in details in the ‘My portal’ section.

5.     Children can then complete tasks set.

Contact Miss Robinson

Please ensure you leave your email in order for me to contact you back. If you want to discuss something over the phone, please leave a contact number. Thank you

                                      Home Learning Summer Term 2
                                    Home Learning Summer Term 1

Looking to the Rainbow - Whole School Singing Project

Backing Track

Listen as you are counted in to Looking to the Rainbow

Spelling Frame 

Choose from a range of activities to help you learn the spellings from the Summer Term 1 spelling list. 

Topic - The United Kingdom

Week 1 - Using your memory, draw a map of your local area, marking on places and features. Think about your nearest shop, river, school, church or park as well as other places you know well.  You can use colour to represent natural features like fields, hills or lakes differently to constructed ones like roads and bridges.


BBC Bitesize - Introduction to maps

Week 2 - Use a map to name and locate cities across the United Kingdom. 


Locate the capital cities of the United Kingdom game

Week 3 - Use a map to locate our county, Nottinghamshire. Can you name and locate the neighbouring counties? Can you conduct research about our county of Nottinghamshire? 

Week 4 – Name and locate the main rivers and seas in the UK

Use an atlas or map to name and locate the main rivers and seas of the United Kingdom 

Week 5 - Name and locate areas of higher ground in the UK. 

Use maps or an atlas to find out the names of the areas of high ground marked on the map. 

Week 1 - Find out about about the different types of rock and how they are formed.

Can you use your research to write a fact file about the 3 different types of rock - sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. 


BBC Bitesize - What is a rock?


Week 2 - Find out about how fossils are made. 

Can you use your research to draw and write the process of fossilisation.


BBC Bitesize - How are fossils made?

Week 3 - What is soil?  


BBC Bitesize - What is soil? - video


BBC Bitesize - What is soil made from? - Fill in the blanks activity


Challenge - create a mini compost bin 

Week 4 - What is a cave?

Watch the video to find out about the formation of caves.


Pupils could create fact-files on the vocabulary associated with caves and explain how caves are formed (see word search).

Pupils could make clay or papier mâché models of a cave showing the underground river and stalactites and stalagmites. Sand and water could be used to show how the water erodes the rock to make caves.

Week 5 - Who was Mary Anning? 

Visit Bitesize to find out about Mary Anning - Fossil Hunter

Read the text, watch the video and complete the quiz!

Read through the the reading comprehension and answer questions on the question sheet. 

Week 1 - follow the instructions to create models of sedimentary and igneous rock

Week 2 - Follow the instructions to make a dinosaur fossil
Week 3 - VE Day crafts 
Week 4 - Create a Seurat inspired Pointilist painting of a river or seascape. 



Subscribe to the live TV show and complete fun activities with Boris the Robot.



Discover the marvellous world of classical music with David Walliams' Podcast!


Once you have listened, put your knowledge to the test with a quiz!

Step into the NHS Competition


The national KS2 Step into the NHS competition asks pupils to design a ‘thank you’ to our inspirational NHS staff.


Now more than ever, the competition takes on a truly special meaning. This is why they have extended the deadline for entries to Friday 19 June 2020, giving pupils more time to get creative and recognise the work of NHS staff across the country.



The teacher resources are made up of three parts. 


Part 1: Your strengths and the NHS

Pupils explore who they are: what they are good at, what they need help with, their favourite things and what they want to do in the future.



Part 2: Working in the NHS

Pupils explore a wide range of jobs in the NHS through a variety of activities including investigating a vibrant community scene, patient stories and job cards.


Part 3: Competition entry

Pupils celebrate what they have learnt by taking part in a fun competition to produce a piece of artwork and/or writing.


 You could win Amazon vouchers and a trip for the class!


For more information, visit


Additional resources 


If you would like to do additional work with your child on areas that interest them, please feel free to make use of this fabulous online learning resource with thousands of amazing activities. 


and then add the password UKTWINKLHELPS   or PARENTSTWINKLHELPS


BBC Bitesize- Online Lessons


There are some exciting developments with Twinkl working alongside the BBC to produce some lessons for the children to watch and take part in.


Audible books 

The Iron Man Full Text