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Striving for life in all its fullness. John 10:10



February 2020

  • The children were very excited to host an assembly for their friends in Kianjai at Metuntu Primary School which is our 'link' school.  We received many  generous donations and everyone wrote pen pal letters which Caroline is taking to Kenya with her next week. We are looking forward to receiving replies!
  • We all enjoyed meeting Kerry Palmer who came to talk to us about Christan Aid. Year 3 and Year 4 then learnt about the 'toilet twinning'  project and the positive difference it is making to our global neighbours. Our Pupil Parliament will be taking lead on this project.

  • We pledge to take care of our community and we work hard to take care of our local railway station - look at the amazing mosaic we have created !

January 2020

  • We are asking everyone to please join us in prayer for our global neighbours #communityprayer 

   See more here:

  • Our Pupil Parliament shared the vision for Christian Aid. We talked about helping hands and learned about diversity and difference. #Global Neighbours
  • Our Worship Committee meeting this week discussed our Christian value for this half term of trust. We decided that being trustworthy is the hallmark of an excellent character and brings so many good things. We wrote poems, prayers and quotes. 
  • We looked at the feedback and actions from the worship questionnaire we asked everyone to complete. 


December 2019


  • Our Ministers for Christian Distinctiveness presented Jo, a visitor from a neighbouring community, with a Christian Value Award. We collected lots of items of clothing which Jo will distribute to the homeless. 
  • Our Christmas Jumper day was a great fundraiser for Save the Children!
  • Our wonderful choir entertained staff and residents with beautiful Christmas carols at Aslockton Care Home.
  • We are delighted to announce that  we have raised a fantastic £2044.10 for Nottingham Children’s Hospital Charity. We are overwhelmed by your support with this. #TheBigAppeal @NUHCharity
  • We earned our Silver Green Tree Woodland Award by taking part in lots of woodland activities which have really benefited our local community, including planting lots of new trees. Next step: gold!


 Empowering a generation of young people to transform society. 

Through our commitment to The Archbishop of York Youth Trust, we are developing opportunities for our Year 5 pupils to grow in leadership, faith and character. 

The Archbishop Of York Youth Trust


See some examples of how our Year 5 pupils plan to have a positive impact in their local community.


November 2019

  • This month we have supported the Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child charity. The mission of Operation Christmas Child is to show God's love in a tangible way to children in need around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the good news of Jesus Christ. We opened our doors to become a collection point for the local community and were delighted to send off 144 shoebox gifts. 
  • We joined in with Joe Wicks 'Morning Move' to raise awareness for Children In Need 2019  #CourageousAdvocates 
  • We welcomed students from Nottingham Trent University to support us  raise awareness on the rising threats and dangers of plastic pollution to human life and the environment . We created this beautiful display from our community collection  of plastic bottle tops which will help remind us to maintain awareness and Beat Plastic Pollution
  •  The whole school took part in a Plastic Awareness Day. 
  • They watched video clips of young environmentalists, debated as a character from a coastal town suffering from plastic pollution and became journalists in order to create their final piece of a newspaper report.
  • Class 6 engaged in a debate to  answer the questions ‘Why do oceans matter?’ and ‘How can we prevent the plastic pollution of our oceans?’ After learning about the impact of plastics in our oceans, Class 2 were set a challenge to try to clean some dirty water thinking about hope and aspirations for the future.  They were given a range of equipment to help them, but worked well in teams to rise to the challenge.
  • Our Young Leaders held a whole school assembly to promote Anti-bullying week. They also organised for everyone to wear odd socks to celebrate what makes us unique!

October 2019

  • We are enjoying ourHeart smart lessons and have been focusing on  co-operation and  working together to fill our toolbox. This weeks theme was loving others. Our bible verse is love each other deeply with all you heart. 1 Peter 2:22
  • Foundation ahaven't  let the weather stop them in their love of being outside. We have been planting some surprises for the Spring term in the quad... snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils and  taking care of our environment,  appreciating beautiful things.
  • We have shown courageous advocacy with our support for our local charity Nottingham Children's Hospital who we have really connected with. They came in to lead our collective worship and explained how our support really helps them. We will soon be taking part in a fun run sponsored event for this charity and it was great to find out about the positive impact of our help!       
  • Our delicious cake sale raised money for Macmillan - children baked their own cakes in a Bake-off style competition!
  • We collected lots of food and toiletries which we  delivered to  support a refuge in nearby Newark.
  • Look how long our paper chain of gratitude is! Year 3 wrote what they were thankful for on strips of paper and we made a long chain of thankfulness! Focusing on things we are grateful for helps our hearts to grow strong and be more joyful! 
  • We appreciate our precious world and one of our Year 4 girl's wrote her own song and sang it with her own video to raise awareness. Watch it here:

September 2019

  • All of KS2 took part in the Nottinghamshire One Life Outreach event which was hosted by Bishop Alison from Hull.  We shared our reflections about who we wanted to reach out to and why Jesus is important to us and shared our school prayer and own prayers. Afterwards we performed Maypole dancing in the Thomas Cranmer Centre.
  • Year 2 are getting ready for Harvest: they harvested fruit and vegetables which they have grown themselves! 

July 2019

  • KS1 children created this beautiful 'Well Dressing' at Brackenhurst. 
  • Children who have consistently demonstrated and upheld our Christian Values were invited to take part in a mosaic workshop to create this fantastic mosaic of our school badge "Striving for life in all its fullness". 
  • Spirited Arts Project. We have been thinking deeply about our Christian Values as a whole school. We have thoughtfully applied our personal values to art work explaining themes like Where is God? Windows to the soul, Big questions and Journeys. Here is a small sample.
  •   Courageous Advocacy  Well done to our courageous advocates who spoke with such integrity and leadership this morning in our collective worship. We are so proud of you all for living out our  Christian Values,  speaking up for the needs of others and showing compassionate leadership. Superb presentations of super quality.
  • After a democratic vote by the school community, teachers and pupils, we are pleased to announce that we would like to support a global concern of having cleaner oceans #4Ocean and our local concern of #NottinghamChildrenHospital.


June 2019

The whole school took part in Thy Kingdom Come Global Prayer event. Some of the things we did:

  • Year  4/5 spent time digging deep, reflecting on and writing our own version of the Lord’s Prayer. Then we looked at the symbolism of colours and created bracelets to help us visualise and remember all of the different lines!
  • Year 2 were busy making sensory crosses today for their reflection area which contained a hidden Christian value of our choice. They also built a prayer cross to post the prayers of thankfulness they wrote during the afternoon and for future prayers. 
  • Year 1 have went outside to appreciate our fantastic world. They focussed on all the amazing things we can hear and are thankful for #birdssinging #windfloatingbetweentheleaves #grassdancing #childrensvoices
  • Each Year 3 contributed their favourite button to a tree of reflection and created a prayer jar to inspire reflective thoughts.
  • Year 1 also shared their thoughts and feelings with friends and God. They thought about how lucky we are to have people in our lives to be so thankful for?
  • Foundation thought about how we have lots of important special people in our lives. They talked about how much we loved them whilst having a love heart sweet. Let us Love one another for Love comes from God. 1 John 4:7
  • Foundation also hooked some Thankfulness Ducks. They hooked a duck and discussed things that they were thankful for. The list was endless from ice creams, to food, to our families and school.
  • The children in Year 6 worked with members of our Church community at the Thomas Cranmer Centre on global awareness and creating prayers. They found out more about the answer to prayer and created prayers of our own.
  • All of the children in school planted flower seeds. The children shared some thoughtful prayers to celebrate new beginnings.




May 2019

  • KS2 wrote their own prayers based on this term's  Christian Value of thankfulness.
  • Foundation  children produced wonderful pictures and writing as they learn about the courageous leader of Moses.They asked, What makes a compassionate leader ? What makes a person brave ? # Christian values
  • Class 2 have been retelling the parable of The Lost Sheep.They discovered the message of the parable and recorded them in different ways, including hiding  the message in our own story cubes.
  • We welcomed  John from the charity Water Aid, learning about the importance of water in our world. We learnt that an average person should drink 8 glasses of water a day. # encouraging compassion and courageous advocacy
  • Many of us supported @christianaid ⁩ by joining  our parents for a sponsored walk on 11/5/19.