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Archbishop Cranmer CofE Primary Academy Striving for life in all its fullness. John 10: 10



Each unit begins with the teacher sharing an engaging, quality text/film/stimulus with the children. As a class, or in groups children explore the text or stimulus in depth in a range of ways: story mapping using pictures or symbols; actions to accompany oral retelling; role play and drama opportunities. Children immerse themselves in that particular text-type over a number of days in order to internalise the features and then explore the key techniques, grammar and language that make the text work to build a tool kit of important features to use when writing their own versions of the text. Children and teachers then work together closely using the structure of the example text, changing certain aspects to make it different in some way to meet the planned purpose and key learning outcomes. This process enables the children to write their own versions and develops their ability to generate good words and phrases. This is identified as shared writing between teacher and pupils and develops into children peer assessing and editing with support of the class teacher. At the end of the unit, children are able to confidently plan and write their own independent piece using the tools and techniques they have learnt in the sequence of learning leading up to this. Children use editing stations in order to self-edit their writing and/or writing conferences take place in supporting the children to edit their work effectively. Depending on the planned purpose of the finished text, some pieces will then be published.


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar:

We teach spelling through phonics in Foundation and Key Stage One. Children receive weekly spelling homework which comprises of key spelling patterns, common exception words, high frequency words and words from the Non-Negotiable National Curriculum expectations for each year group. Grammar and punctuation are threaded through the English units of work as well as being delivered through the Nelson Grammar scheme as a stand-alone weekly teach.

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