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Striving for life in all its fullness. John 10:10


Culture of Opportunity - Personal Development

Jesus said ‘I have come that they may have life in all its fullness’ and at Archbishop Cranmer we strive for life in all its fullness, for all our children, staff and school community, now and in the future.  


Our Vision statement is part of our school spirit: It is what breathes life into our whole school community every single day.  Also  one of our defining principles is  that we are a Take Care School where we take care of our self, each other, the world and with our work.


And so whilst the Christian values are the driving force of all we do on a daily basis, we also desire to do something that will be remembered and make a significant difference in the big picture of our children’s lives.   It is also our mission that we work in partnership with one another, ‘to establish the work of our hands’ in all we do.  For us at Archbishop Cranmer, this is to do something of value for the children we serve, on a daily basis. We want to make a difference that endures.


We take great responsibility in providing what we call our Culture of Opportunity and what makes us really different is that at the centre of our school life is the profound personal development of every single one of our children. The quality of the experiences we provide means we educate our children’s hearts, bodies and souls – not just their minds.


Have a look at just some of the things we get up to at Archbishop Cranmer.


Environment in Faith, Practice and Mission

Living Life in All its Fullness in 2020-2021

Living Life in All its Fullness in 2019-2020