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Archbishop Cranmer CofE Primary Academy Striving for life in all its fullness. John 10: 10

Your Pupil Parliament

Apply to be a Young Leader 2020-21

Meet our Pupil Parliament 2019-20

Our Pupil Parliament was formed to give our students a forum to speak and to ensure their voice is heard. The parliament is a democratically elected group of pupils who represent their peers and enable students to become partners in their own education, making a positive contribution to the school environment and ethos. We actively promote pupil independence and leadership opportunities with the aim of developing valuable leadership, communication and organisation skills. 


Prime Minister

Lottie Y6


Deputy Minister

Nathan Y6


Ministers of our Environment 

Edwin Y5 and Evie C Y4


Ministers of our Christian Distinctiveness

Ellie Y6 and Liv Y6


Ministers of our School Curriculum

Annie Y4 and Joshua L Y6


Ministers of our Wider School Curriculum

Ava Y5 and Leila Y5


Ministers of Courageous Advocacy

Evie W Y4 and Hannah Y6


Minister of Anti-Bullying

Maisie Y5



Lena Y5


What do we do?

Parliament members chair regular meetings with their class to discuss topics, issues and initiatives that affect them and their learning environment as well as charity events. Miss Robinson regularly meets with Pupil Parliament to discuss issues raised by the class and other important areas. The committee members have different roles and responsibilities with our two Chair Persons setting the agenda and leading the meetings. Our Secretary minutes all our meetings (read our minutes on the link below) and our Treasurer is responsible for the money that we raise and spend. Actions from each meeting are shared with the rest of the school on a regular basis.  Pupils relish the opportunity to become a greater part of school life and enjoy making their voices heard. Ministers are involved in the development of their curriculum area and they feedback pupils' views to the curriculum leaders. 


At Archbishop Cranmer, pupils have an opportunity to suggest changes to school life. Being a Member of Parliament leaves pupils with a real understanding of corporate responsibility and civic pride which continues to impact on their behaviour both in and out of school. It is an important and useful way for our school to provide leadership and development opportunities for their pupils.