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Friends of Archbishop Cranmer School

Welcome to the FACS website page on the school website! Here, you can learn about how Friends of Archbishop Cranmer School (FACS) support the school in providing additional opportunities that go beyond the regular curriculum. We organise various annual events and activities throughout the year to enhance the school experience for students, parents, and the community.


Annual Events:

  1. Termly Disco: We organise termly discos where students can come together, have fun, and showcase their dance moves.

  2. Sports Day Refreshments: During the school's sports day, we provide refreshments for participants and spectators to enjoy.

  3. Horticultural Show Refreshments: We offer refreshments at the school's horticultural show, celebrating the students' gardening and horticultural achievements.

  4. Mother and Father's Day Stalls: We set up stalls on Mother's Day and Father's Day, allowing students to buy gifts and treats for their parents.

  5. Summer Production Refreshments: During the school's annual summer production, we provide refreshments to the audience.

  6. Christmas Hampers: We create and distribute Christmas hampers to families, spreading joy during the holiday season.

  7. Christmas Wreaths: We sell Christmas wreaths as a fundraiser for the school.

  8. Enterprise Week: We organise an Enterprise Week, providing students with opportunities to develop entrepreneurial skills and showcase their creativity.

  9. Christmas Cards: we provide the opportunity for parents to purchase Christmas cards and gifts designed by their children which provides an opportunity for further creativity and keepsakes for parents.

  10. Preloved uniform sale: We collect preloved uniform and regularly hold a stall at school to recycle it – helping with the cost of living.

Please note there will be additional events throughout the year.


What we fundraise for: The funds raised by FACS are used to support various initiatives and improvements within the school. We prioritise the following areas:

  1. Summer Production: We allocate funds for lighting, sound equipment, and licensing for the annual summer production.

  2. Wellbeing Hub: We hope to invest in creating a dedicated space for students' mental health and wellbeing support.

  3. Books for the Library: We hope to support in purchasing new books to enrich the school library's collection and promote a love for reading among students.

  4. Playground Markings: We would like to fund the installation of vibrant and engaging markings on the school playground, enhancing play and physical activity.

  5. Indoor Shoes for Children: We hope to provide indoor shoes for children, ensuring cleanliness and safety within the school premises.

  6. Transport for Events: We would like to cover some transportation costs for students participating in external events, competitions, or field trips.

  7. Year 6 leaving gifts:  FACS provide scrap books to capture and preserve memories, achievements, and friendships from their primary school journey.

  8. Funding the annual school pantomime visit: We hope to make this an annual contribution.

  9. Microphone and Sound System: We are discussing upgrading the school's audio equipment to enhance communication during assemblies, events, and performances.


Annual Fundraising Report:

We also provide an annual fundraising report detailing the funds raised, expenses incurred, and the impact of our efforts. This report offers transparency and accountability to the school community, showcasing the successful outcomes achieved through our collective support and contributions.

Thank you for visiting our FACS page, and we appreciate your continued support in helping us provide these additional opportunities and resources for the benefit of our students and the school community. At present we are a very small team and would really welcome some more members. If you would like to join the FACS team please contact Caroline Stevenson (Chair) or one of our team on



FACS in Action 2023-24