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Striving for life in all its fullness. John 10:10


Collective Worship

Archbishop Cranmer C of E Academy  Collective Worship/Assembly Standard 

Our daily act of collective worship or assembly as a part of our strong and positive partnership with St. Thomas’s Church, is central to building and maintaining our school ethos by ensuring our school values are at the heart of everything we do. It helps to communicate and develop our Church School Ethos and the Christian values that drive us, where we describe ourselves as ‘A Take Care School’ where we ‘take care of ourselves, each other, the world and with our work’.  


The Feeling and Example of Worship – Our Responsibility

We are very aware that for many children what they experience in school may be their only experience of ‘worship’ and, therefore, we recognise our additional responsibility to make our collective worships and assemblies enjoyable, child friendly, engaging and rewarding experiences.

Collective worship and/or assemblies at Archbishop Cranmer aim:

  • To provide the opportunity for pupils to experience worship and consider God and their belief  in a circumstance which is planned specially for them and their needs.
  • To be relevant and provide an enjoyable, lively, positive and meaningful time together. 
  • To lead children to a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and especially as it relates to the life of Jesus.
  • Not to preach at them, but to get them to develop the maturity of thinking and insight that helps them both in the present and future not decide for themselves what they believe and who they might be.
  • To encourage respect for belief and for  other religions.
  • To consider spiritual and moral issues and contribute to spiritual, moral, cultural and social development.
  • To encourage participation and response.
  • To provide opportunity for personal reflection, prayer and to consider things that individuals are concerned about or thankful for.
  • To encourage positive action through courageous advocacy to make our world  a better place.
  • To relate current issues to our own lives, increasing our understanding of people and the world (i.e. ‘Take care of each other and the world’).
  • To bring the whole school together helping create a sense of belonging and school spirit, promoting a common ethos and shared values, recognising who we are.
  • To celebrate achievement, who we are and the life of the school as a whole.


Our Pupils take an active role in collective worship and/or assembly through:                 

  • Running the sound and visuals.
  • Talking with partners to discuss questions asked.
  • Taking part in drama or other performance opportunities.
  • Reading Bible Stories.
  • Reading Prayers from Class Prayer Book and our School Prayer
  • Writing class prayers which are used weekly in worship
  • Singing together.
  • Contributing to our Collective Worship Reflections book.
  • Giving the older children opportunity to  positively influence the younger ones.

Inclusive, inspirational and inviting collective worship 2022-23

Inclusive, inspirational and inviting collective worship 2021- 2022

Inclusive, inspirational and inviting collective worship 2020-2021

No singing? No problem. CV19 won’t keep us from enjoying music as we sign instead to celebrate God taking care of us and holding us in his mighty hands. Thank you Reverend Tim.

Inclusive, inspirational and inviting Collective Worship 2019-20