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Striving for life in all its fullness. John 10:10


Values and Ethos Survey Results July 2019


Vision and Values Survey Results - July 2019


At Archbishop Cranmer CE Academy parental and community feedback is extremely valuable to us as it helps us to make our school an even better place to be for our children and the community we serve. When looking closely at our school mission and vision statements to ensure they continue to demonstrate our Christian values and ethos as we move forward into the future and a new school year, we wanted to gather the views of our parents, carers and the local community. This is what they said:


What does out school mission statement, ‘Striving for Life in All its Fullness’ (John 10:10), mean to you?

  • That all concerned with the school, staff, pupils, parents and those with a general interest want the school to be and to offer the best it can be in the widest sense
  • Achieving and growing to make the most of life
  • Living your best life possible
  • Living your best life
  • Helping the children to achieve the best in every way
  • Giving everyone a chance
  • Making the most of every day and filling it with a diverse range of activities and interests
  • To do your very best and take full advantage of an education available to you
  • That school isn’t just about the curriculum, but about being happy, valued and fulfilled
  • Getting the best out of yourself

How do we as a school demonstrate our mission statement, ‘Striving for Life in All its Fullness’ (John 10:10)?

  • By everyone living out and demonstrating love, concern and care for everyone involved with them
  • As well as learning, also teaching values and morals to be a good person in the world
  • Providing opportunities
  • A wide ranging curriculum and focus on other non-academic areas of life
  • By seeing the results, not only in exams, daily school work, the children’s attitude to attending school and whilst at school, being happy and content as much as possible
  • Through encouraging and celebrating successes
  • All the clubs offered, activities such as residential as to broaden experience and build emotional resilience and opportunities to try lots of different things in a safe environment
  • Great range of topics covered – broad curriculum
  • Teaching respect for one another and the world around us
  • By the ‘take care’ values, and by offering and supporting children in extra curricular activities and celebrating each child for their unique strengths
  • Brilliant caring teachers are always there on hand

‘Take Care’ is displayed and referred to in many places around school, including the school entrance. What does this mean to you? How is this demonstrated by the pupils, staff and wider school community?

  • Look out and look after yourself and everyone else you come across in life and especially in the school
  • Caring for each other and going above and beyond
  • The children are very caring of the younger children
  • Take care of others and yourself
  • Take care of each other
  • Taking care of yourself and each other
  • Taking care of each other by helping each other. This demonstrated quite clearly when you have your gold book integrity assemblies. We find that the children at the school are very well mannered, which is a nice reflection on how they are treated by the teaching staff and other support workers. This is a way to try and build other achievements on top of being a nice, pleasant lot of children.
  • We all look after each other, ourselves and our work
  • Taking care of each other, the environment, your work and yourself. The culture at the school reflects this and is evident in all activities eg golden book assembly, general day to day behaviour and how taking care is encouraged and reiterated
  • To look after yourself physically and mentally and to look after those around you
  • Being respectful to one another and our surroundings. Looking out for those in need, younger etc.
  • Taking care of each other, the school and the wider community
  • Taking care is being nice to yourself and others. I find this is brilliantly demonstrated by the older pupils always being encouraged to help the younger ones succeed and feel safe

‘Be Proud’ is displayed and referred to in many places around school, including the school entrance. What does this mean to you? How is this demonstrated by the pupils, staff and wider school community?


  • By wanting to do everything in a way you can be proud of and not want to keep it a secret for fear of discovery
  • Gold book assemblies, sports days, etc.
  • Try hard and be proud of your achievements
  • Be proud of yourself and others
  • Looking after the facilities and being confident personally
  • The children being proud of their achievements. Celebrated by gold book assemblies
  • Have pride in yourself and what you do
  • Recognition of good work and integrity
  • To feel happy within myself that my efforts were my best and the fruit of that will flourish accordingly. To feel proud wearing the inform and be able to say I attend Archbishop Cranmer
  • Celebrating our successes - however big or small! The wall of achievement. 
  • To be proud of who you are, and the qualities of each individual, not necessarily being ‘the best’
  • Be proud of everything you can achieve even if it is seen as a little achievement. This is shown by the awards days in school.


Many thanks to those who took the time to complete this survey.