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Striving for life in all its fullness. John 10:10


Guide to celebrating learning behaviours at Archbishop Cranmer Academy

We celebrate achievements at every opportunity and have in place a variety of systems for recognising especially good behaviour, attitude and commitment.  We have found this has a positive impact on self-esteem and also in encouraging proactive positive behaviour throughout the school.   


Take Care Hand      Displayed throughout school to demonstrate our Learning Behaviours which give the school its sense of value and drive.    Our Take Care Hand reminds us that we are always:


  • Taking Care (forming meaningful relationships with ourselves and others)
  • Aspiring to have a go (being creative and curious, focusing on personal best)
  • Acting with Integrity (always doing the right thing)
  • Working hard (Being the best we can be by embracing high challenge work)
  • Being proud of ourselves (growing in confidence, knowing what is possible)



Integrity Awards     ‘Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.’ C.S. Lewis

Integrity is a fundamental character trait that goes beyond specific actions or behaviours. It's about consistently doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching or there's no immediate reward.  Integrity awards recognise those students who consistently uphold honesty, fairness, and ethical behaviour, regardless of external influences. This award is not about one specific act of kindness or responsibility, but rather about the student's overall commitment to ethical choices in their daily life. It's a recognition of their internal moral compass and their dedication to living by their values.


Christian Value Awards     These acknowledge students who exemplify specific positive qualities: responsibility, respect, trust, gratitude, kindness and courage. These awards highlight individual instances where students have demonstrated a particular value.  Unlike the Integrity award, which focuses on an ongoing commitment to ethical behaviour, the value awards are more about recognising individual actions that align with these specific values. These awards showcase moments where students have made positive contributions in these areas and have acted in a manner consistent with the given value.


Once the children have collected all 6 Christian Value Awards they get to wear our special Take Care badge with great pride which shows that they are recognised as a role model for living out our Take Care values!  

Please let us know if you spot any of our children demonstrating any of our values so they can be awarded with a Christian Value Award.  


All members of the school community are invited to make nominations for our integrity and value awards. Nominations can be awarded to children, staff, parents and members of the wider community. Awards are celebrated in Gold Book Celebration Assemblies, where parents/carers are invited. Nominations can be made in person, via email, or the nomination form on the website. QR code links are also included on the newsletter.

You can make a nomination by emailing Mrs Wright at

Or following this link: Nominations  


House Points

House points can be awarded by all members of staff  e.g. for sporting achievements, positive behaviour during lunch, play times and outdoors.


We have four school houses, named after birds from the Bible and linked to figures and places that were influential in shaping the Church of England and English history.

  • Cranmer Kites
  • York Eagles
  • Canterbury Hawks
  • Tudor Falcons

Children are responsible for recording their own points. House points are collated by house captains weekly and announced during assemblies.


Take Care Points

Children are given Take Care Points (TCP) for demonstrating our take Care Values through their written work. This can be for outstanding presentation, effort or exceeding expectations.

  • 25 Take Care Points = Bronze certificate
  • 50 Take Care Points = Silver
  • 75 Take Care Points = Gold
  • 100 Take Care Points = Platinum


In Key Stage 1 children are given TCPs in sticker form which they add to their sticker charts.

In Key Stage 2 TCPS are recorded on whole class posters in the classroom. Children are responsible for checking work and logging their own points.  Children are awarded with a certificate during Gold Book Celebration assembly.


The Strive for 5 Award

The Strive for 5 Award celebrates the PE and Sport that children participate in outside of school lessons.

  • Pupils are given a passport and to achieve the award a child must participate in at least 5 sporting or physical activities every week. This can be the same activity pursued over 5 or more days or 5 different activities.
  • The award can be achieved at Bronze (1 term), Silver (2 terms) and Gold (all year).
  • Any level can be achieved in any academic year. Pupils are rewarded with a special award and house points. 


The Archbishop Cranmer Marathon Award

We challenge pupils to work towards running a marathon in each term.

  • KS2 Pupils record  every lap of our school field they run (5 laps = 1 mile / 130 = 1 marathon).
  • Green Rosette (1 marathon), Blue Rosette (2 marathons) and Purple Rosette (3 marathons)
  •  Pupils are rewarded with a special rosette and house points.
  • Each class in Key Stage 1 track their progress  collectively.


Year 6 Leaver Awards

Hilary Mantel Award for excellent writing

The late author, Hilary Mantel gave us a writing award each year to a Year 6 student for excellence in writing. 


Cranmer Cup for Character and Integrity

This is a traditional school award based on the ethos and Christian foundation of our school. It recognises a child who has seized every opportunity to influence others through their own positive behaviours. Our conduct log helps us see each student’s conduct history for Christian Value Awards and Integrity Awards enabling us to select the winner. Last year’s student returns at the end of Year 7 to give the award and deliver a speech.


The Maddison Award awarded for ‘living life in all its fullness’

This is an award for a student who continually demonstrates the determination and energy to live a full life at school; who really wants to develop themselves personally and who embraces our culture of opportunity and ambition; who understands and demonstrates that success is based on hard work, learning, training and persistence.


The Outstanding Achievement in Sport Award

Awarded for participation and commitment to improving personal best; also good sportsperson-ship.


The Arts Award

Awarded for creativity and commitment to developing and improving skills in creative art and design.


The Green Award for Maths

Awarded for excellence in mathematics.


The STEM Ambition Award

 Awarded for enthusiasm to learn in science, technology, engineering and maths.