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Parent Pledge - opportunity for all

Opportunity for All


At Archbishop Cranmer Academy we pledge to take care of ourselves, each other, the world and with our work. This means that we ensure we provide exceptional education for all. 


The Department for Education has  released a document called 'Opportunity for all: strong schools with great teachers for your child'. For parents and carers, there is a specific section of the document entitled ‘Parent Pledge’ which sets out what a parent should be able to expect from their child’s school. 


The document  below shows how Archbishop Cranmer Academy addresses these areas. 

Covid Catch-up Funding

In June, a £1 billion fund for education was announced by the government.  Guidance has been released showing that the money is split between a catch-up premium and a national tutoring scheme. The catch-up premium is funded on a per pupil basis at £80 per pupil. This will be based on the previous year’s census and will not include Nursery numbers.  We will be in receipt of £12560 (157x £80) This funding will be paid in three instalments – Autumn, Spring and Summer (£46.67 per pupil split across the first two payments and £33.33 per pupil in the Summer). The spending of this money will be down to schools to allocate as they see best.


Academic Year


Amount of catch up premium per pupil


Total Number of Pupils


Total catch up premium



At Archbishop Cranmer Academy  this money will be used in order to provide:

Curriculum resources and materials that support both the “catch up” and the mental health of pupils.

Additional support staff and teacher support time allocated to develop the outcomes of children who have been identified as needing “catch up” in their learning.

Our current strategy and detailed information on impact and cost break down can be downloaded here: